African Energy & Consulting (ICE-Africa BV)

African Energy & Consulting also known as AE&C or ICE-Africa is a technical, consulting and service firm that focuses on the sustainable development of the African Economies.

AE&C are primarily engaged in the sustainable sector, especially concerning
- Solar energy, wind energy, hydropower and the implementation of micro-grid systems
- Waste Management
- Food Security
- Rural Development
- Social Entrepreneurship

Next to that, AE&C have experience in various other sectors in Africa, including ICT, construction & engineering, telecommunications, recycling, art, and food products. AE&C consist of an international team of experienced graduates and professionals from both Europe and Africa with diverse academic backgrounds. AE&C is headquartered in Enschede, the Netherlands and hold office in Lagos, Nigeria as well. In addition, AE&C company partners are located in Accra, Ghana, as well as Cape Town, South Africa. The AE&C team has extensive experience in research and consultancy, and is proud of having a broad network of companies and government institutions in European and African countries alike. What distinguishes AE&C is the fact that this team has more knowledge and expertise of the African market than many other consultancy firms. The AE&C team stands at the ready to use its network to provide assistance to its clients in the following areas, amongst others: negotiations with (local) government authorities, physical service delivery, advice regarding safety and efficiency in investments, the completion of contracts, translation services and the maintenance of business relations between European and African partners.

AE&C are mainly focused on European and Asian companies across various sectors willing to invest in Africa or already doing so. AE&C can be called upon for one-off advice concerning investments and entrepreneurship in African economies, as well as for longer-term relationships in which AE&C will stay involved throughout the transitioning period (and potentially afterwards).
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